ANIMAL THERAPY • 30 minutes for $60

Energy work for animals is a combination of Reiki, Cranial Sacral and LDT.  When working with animals as with people Tracy connects with the inner wisdom of the client and allows them to let her know what they are needing during their treatment.  Tracy uses a gentle touch to help animals to release stress and maintain a sense of emotional and physical well being.  Energy work is valueable in reducing aniexty, supporting recovery from illness, injury, surgery and traumas.  It also helps with discomfort from chronic pain, acute pain, serious and terminal illness.  Energy work is not a substitiue for medical care and the practitioner does not diagnose or prescribe threatment.  Energy work is meant as a complementary modality.

Energy work can be done with hands on or off or from a distance, physical contact is never necessary.

Tracy lets the animal control the session, they determine whether or not they want too accept the Energy, for how long and how much and if they want physical contact.  This helps build trust and communicates respect.

Dog receiving Reiki